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Expect personalized service tailored to your needs, backed by manufacturer-trained specialists who are equipped to handle any issue efficiently. With Copy Link, it's not just about fixing problems—it's about building relationships, one call at a time. For over 30 years, your satisfaction is our number one priority, always.

What Sets Us Apart

Optimize your existing equipment and control costs with one custom, streamlined printing system.

Eliminate headaches with our predictive analytics and seamless technology support system.

Usher in digital transformation with comprehensive in-house production printing solutions that maximize your potential for cost savings and productivity improvements.

Print security solutions that identify firmware vulnerabilities and avoid potential print and document breaches that can damage your business or your brand.

For over three decades, Copy Link has been the go-to for exceptional customer service and top-notch technical expertise. From our humble beginnings in 1990, we've built our reputation one satisfied client at a time. As premier dealers for Sharp, Lexmark, and Epson, we've earned the trust of these manufacturers through our professionalism and commitment to customer support. What sets us apart? It's all about your journey with us. As a locally owned and operated business, we prioritize your experience above all else.



When you Start With Why it changes how you do business. As much as our clients benefit from the leading technologies we deliever, they also benefit from the way we work. To choose a great technology partner for your business you need to know how they work. Some partners deliver technology, plug it into your network and hope you never call. At Copy Link our “why” drives how we work.

When you Start With Why, you begin to see how everything fits together. We use technology to help our clients achieve their business goals and fulfill their mission to the community.

We believe that decisions about technology should begin with your goals. Our client engagements always begin with a discussion of your business. By understanding who you are and what you want to accomplish we are able to recommend solutions that help your business.

When you Start With Why, you begin to see that business processes depend on technology to run smoothly. Improving your processes allows you to focus on delivering excellence as you fulfill your company’s mission.

Once we understand your business goals and challenges, we use this to help improve your workflow. Whether you are upgrading to new multifunction systems or implementing a full document management solution, these technologies can be used to improve your business processes.

When you Start With Why, you understand that customer support is not just about getting technology problems resolved, it is about helping our clients serve the community by fulfilling their missions.

Technology without support is useless. Unless systems are properly configured and integrated into your network they won’t deliver the benefits you expected. End-users need to be fully trained. And when they have questions or something goes wrong, you need a team that can respond quickly and effectively.